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    My last blog was all about the materials I work with to create the physical boards and signs. This week, we are getting down to the details - the finishing touches, the personalisation. The part that makes every piece different and unique.

    I am also going to cover which of these finishes works best with which style of sign. 

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    I write in a modern calligraphy style which offers a soft finish to the signage. The handwritten method can be used on any of the pieces but in my opinion, it is most suited to the ply, pine and chalkboard ranges. Having handwritten finish on your wood or chalkboard signage instantly adds that vintage, rustic and overall softer appearance.




    Vinyl lettering not only gives you a large range of colours and my standard fonts to choose from, but it also gives you the opportunity to have your signage completed in the same font as other pieces you may already have. For example, if you have used a particular font on your 'save the dates' and 'invitations', you may want to carry this style through to your signage pieces, and it may well be possible. 

    The vinyl provides a smooth, crisp and clean finish. It is perfectly suited to any of the acrylic styles and also works very well on the wooden pieces if you are looking for rustic signage with a modern twist.




    I hand make the wire lettering from gold, silver, copper and black wire. Each letter and word is carefully bent into shape as place names, or applied to the signage boards.

    Wire is the perfect addition to the pine and reclaimed pallet wood. It creates wonderful titles for your signage and makes stunning keepsake pieces, such as my Wood & Wire top table decor.




    Clear acrylic can be engraved, resulting in a sleek, modern and super stylish range. This is popular for place settings but I have also created 'save the dates' in this way too - but more on those soon!


    StyledShootOxnead-033LASER CUT

    Laser cut lettering is a product all in itself when it comes to the flower wall lettering or cake toppers that I make. But it is also a beautiful and striking way to add titles or detail to your signage.

    Available in a huge choice of colours and fonts, it can create a real added 'wow' factor to your on the day signage.

    The laser cut lettering looks striking on the acrylic range, but also works brilliantly on the wooden pieces too.

    I hope this helps you narrow down the many options available. As always, please do let me know if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share with me.

    Amie x


    My three standard ranges include Wood, Acrylic & Chalkboard. Today, I am going to tell you a little more about each style. Next week, I will share more about the finishes I create and which is best suited to each of the below materials so be sure to check that out!



    Let's start with the wooden style - This range is available in a choice of pine, ply and reclaimed pallet wood. Each offer a very different look and overall style, so it is very much a case of personal preference when choosing.

    The PINE pieces are available in a huge range of sizes and provide a smooth finish with a little character showing in the stained and varnished wood. As well as the larger signage options, I create freestanding pieces suitable for table numbers, small signs and top table centre pieces.

    PLY offers the same smooth finish but in a much more manufactured style. This gives the most modern finish within the wooden range.

    RECLAIMED PALLET WOOD is by far the most rustic looking style. Mainly used in my round 'cog' pieces but also available in other sizes upon request. A great sustainble option too.



    The acrylic range is extremely versatile and not just suited to a modern luxe wedding as you might think. Within this range I offer clear, frosted and painted back signage.

    The CLEAR ACRYLIC has been a huge trend since 2016. It provides a great wow factor, but it is not always the most practical choice. When choosing your acrylic, try to picture where it will be positioned within your venue on the day. If clear acrylic has a busy background, the lettering detail can sometimes get a little lost. However, the alternatives will provide ways around this!

    FROSTED ACRYLIC is a great alternative to clear. It almost blurs it's background, leaving a much more solid backing for the lettering to stand out, making it clearer for guests to see and read. Frosted acrylic has become far more popularthan clear over the last couple of years, both for it's beautoful finish but also for practicality reasons too.

    Lucy & Francois-436

    The PAINTED BACK ACRYLIC pieces are another great alternative to clear. Available in any colour combination, you can achieve the result of a solid colour acrylic with signage that fits in perfectly to your colour scheme. I offer a few designs when it comes to the painted back style too.

    CHALKBOARDS are still very popular with couples looking for a rustic or vintage feel to their signage. I cut and hand paint all of the boards myself so they are available in a large ranges of sizes from place names/tags to huge table plans and statement pieces of signage.

    Each of the above materials are best suited to one or two of the finishes I offer. I will go through each of these in detail next weekf or you!

    Amie x