I offer a choice of three wooden styles - pine, ply and pallet.

All Pine and Ply pieces are hand treated and prepared to a choice of three finishes - light, medium and dark.

Details are then added in either handwritten modern calligraphy, vinyl font of your choice, or handmade wire words that are available in black, gold, silver and copper.

Our Pallet Wood pieces are hand created by close friend from reclaimed pallet wood, due to this, each piece is completely different and unique. I then add detail in a choice of acrylic, wire or vinyl lettering. All made to your bespoke requirements. Our round Cogs make amazing statement pieces for your event and home.

The wooden pieces can be designed to compliment a wide range of styles, from rustic to industrial. So please do get in touch with your ideas.

Wooden Prices

  • Freestanding pine table numbers 150x100mm  - from £7.50 each
  • Freestanding pine table names 150x100mm - from £7.50 each
  • Freestanding pine signage 150x100mm - from £10
  • Freestanding pine signage 300x100mm - from £20
  • Pair of chair back signs - from £30
  • 300x600mm ply signage - from £50
  • 600x450mm ply signage - from £75
  • 600x600mm ply signage - from £100
  • 900x600mm ply signage - from £150
  • 900x600mm ply table plan - from £190
  • 300x600mm pine signage - from £60
  • 600x450mm pine signage - from £80
  • 600x600mm pine signage - from £120
  • 900x600mm pine signage - from £160
  • 900x600mm pine table plan - from £200
  • Other sizes and shapes upon request.

Pallet Cogs

Made from reclaimed pallet wood, each one is completely unique and finished with detail as required.

  • 30cm - £50
  • 45cm - £70
  • 60cm - £90